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15 Steps to Creating a Culture of Health and Wellness

Thursday, April 18
Classroom Session
Health & Safety

This class will share 15 key elements of successful fire department wellness programs. From medical and fitness evaluations to cancer prevention and behavioral health support, to creating fitness SOGs and purchasing cost-effective fitness equipment, this offering will give all firefighters (both career and volunteer) the tools they need to create a culture of fitness and wellness at their fire department. Doing so will improve fireground performance and safety, career longevity, and overall morale. Attendees will learn that any investment in firefighter wellness will pay huge dividends (physically and financially) for all parties involved. Firefighters will be healthier, and fire departments will save money. Creating a culture of firefighter fitness and wellness may at first seem daunting, but it is within reach for every firefighter and fire department.

Dan Kerrigan, Fire Chief (Ret) - Township of Upper Providence, PA