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25 to Survive: Reducing Residential Injury and LODD

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop
Strategy & Tactics

More firefighters are seriously injured and killed while operating at residential building fires than at any other fire type we respond and operate within. The majority of our line-of-duty deaths and the greatest numbers of civilian casualties occur within residential buildings. Routinely, we see a residential fire occur in the United States every 63 seconds and a civilian die in this same structure every 3 hours and 24 minutes! These grim statistics reinforce the need for all firefighters to have a thorough knowledge of residential buildings and to be versed in sound strategies and tactics and best practices to combat residential fires successfully. This workshop will address 25 critical firefighting concerns and issues common to the residential building. These tactics and tips will come with take-home practical drills (imbedded throughout the lecture) to address and correct these commonly seen errors. The 25 tips, drills, and techniques are organized into Combat Readiness, Mastering the Environment, Engine Company Operations, and Ladder Company Operations. An additional segment addresses Command and Control from the company officer to the chief.

Dan Shaw, Assistant Fire Chief of Operations - Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department
Douglas Mitchell, Jr., Captain - Fire Department City of New York