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Army Fire & Emergency Services Training Program Management

Friday, April 19
Lucas Oil Stadium Meeting Room 12
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This presentation offers a comprehensive view of the current state and forward-looking initiatives within the Army Fire & Emergency Services (F&ES).  By examining these critical areas, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and readiness for the future challenges and opportunities in this vital sector.  This presentation will discuss the current state and future developments within the F&ES, offering a thorough analysis of several key areas.  Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of the ongoing efforts, challenges, and advancements that are shaping the future of Army F&ES.  Topics include Army Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV) and Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) updates, NDAA Section 388 staffing updates, aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) replacement, Department of Defense (DoD) Fire Academy advanced training seat allocations for FY25+, Army Regulation (AR) Fire & Emergency Services rewrite, and training requirements for the future.