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Be The Target!

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session

It is not enough to want to make a positive difference; you must put in the hard work and be prepared for the success of your goals and the inevitable backlash from critics! Any cause worth your passion makes you a target for criticism, but it’s how you respond to your critics that in most circumstances dictates the success or failure of your mission. Criticism can make you stronger, prove your point, make you wilt under the scrutiny, or destroy your reputation–it’s up to you. This class explores these scenarios in an interactive environment where student participation is encouraged with positive discussions on how best to respond to critics. It will give you the tools to succeed where others fail. The instructor will share some of the criticism he has faced over the years and how he responded. Not only will you be better prepared when you’re the target, but you will put yourself in a better position to be the target of aspiration, as well.

Paul Combs, Lieutenant (ret) - City of Bryan Fire Department