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Buddy to Boss

Thursday, April 18
Classroom Session

This class provides current and aspiring officers with leadership and decision making must-haves to survive and even thrive as officers. Understand what you are supposed to do every day you go to work based on the organizational goals. Use decision-making skills that you may not even realize you have and overcome decisions that result in bad outcomes. Discussed are critical officer responsibilities, including safety and survival, policy enforcement and understanding, and mentoring and storytelling along with the new pitfalls such as social media, tribal mentalities, and massive amounts of data thrown at you every day. The fire service will spend 28 weeks and a year probation on a new firefighter, but when we promote, we often pin a gold badge on an officer and say, “Now go do good things.” We leave our new and current officers adrift in a lifeboat without guidance, training, or a good understanding of the critical human resources problems they are going to confront. They run pretty good operations on the scene, but 90 percent of everything an officer does has to do with people! Let’s teach them how to do that and meet the organizational requirements and strategic plan objectives at the same time. 

Chase Sargent, Retired Division Chief Paramedic - City of Va Beach Fire and Rescue