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Building the Ladder: Officer Development Programs

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop

Successful officer training, both initial and ongoing, lies beyond just the NFPA 1021 certification—it is also tailored to the specific needs of the department. This workshop links certification training with realistic job requirement training. Rather than teaching one version of officer development, this workshop presents a step-by-step process for completing a needs assessment and building the framework for a comprehensive officer development program. A "Learn it today, take it home and use it tomorrow" approach is used, and participants receive guidance, practical examples, and multiple opportunities for in-class application. Workshop topics stress applicability to both volunteer and career fire departments. Students can return home to implement or improve their own officer development program. The workshop is supported by an in-class handout that includes several individual and small-group exercises that are completed during the workshop.  In addition, a comprehensive student manual and many other resources and forms for post-workshop activities are made available via a Web site and Dropbox account. The entire workshop is made available to the students for download.

Rudy Horist, Fire Chief - McHenry Township Fire Protection District