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Tower Rescue and Rope Operations

Tuesday, April 16
HOT 8 Hour
Technical Rescue

This is a rope rescue course providing technical rescue personnel with hands-on experience operating on a communications tower structure. Students will learn proper techniques for climbing tower structures, RF monitoring, rescue rigging, and victim packaging techniques. Students will be trained to the National Fire Protection Association 2500 and 1006 Tower Rescue Awareness Level. The techniques learned in class also relate to other “tower” type structures such as water towers, wind turbines, cranes, smokestacks, and transmission towers. Students will be awarded a Tower Rescue Awareness (8-hour) certification at the completion of the day. All students will receive a Tower Rescue Manual showing many of the topics and techniques learned in class as well as operations and technician-level rigging diagrams.

PPE Required: Lightweight rescue gear or jumpsuit, helmet, gloves, eye protection.

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

Nate Paulsberg, LT - Palatine