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Common Sense Technical Rescue

Tuesday, April 16
HOT 4 Hour
Technical Rescue

Students will face four common technical rescue scenarios: a car into a building, a scaffolding rescue, a fork truck-high rack shelving collapse, and a heavy lift entrapment using tools and equipment found on most extrication or truck companies. Working with ingenuity, teamwork, an understanding of physics and safety, along with some basic skills training, any fire crew can mitigate these more common technical rescues. This course will equip rescuers with the knowledge and skills to approach these incidents with a divergent thinking mindset and the ability to complete rescue and initiate patient care while distant resources are still en route.

PPE Required: Lightweight rescue gear or jumpsuit, helmet, gloves, safety toe boots, eye protection, or structural fire gear.

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

Clinton Crafton, Deputy Chief Operations - Whitestown Fire Department