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Communication at Basement Fires

Thursday, April 18
Classroom Session
Strategy & Tactics

Communication is vital at all operations. At basement fires, there are several issues we don't deal with at other fires. Since we are below ground, our escape methods are limited. Ladders, ropes, and PSS are rendered futile. Training on communication where tight spaces combined with high heat and zero visibility is the norm is absolutely necessary. ICs must give clear information to members inside, who must be clear in their transmissions too. These are vital communications on conditions, air management, and what we are encountering (clutter, etc.). In below grade operations, egress will likely be difficult, so time is valuable. If we do not train on these unusual operations and have a preexisting plan, something will be missed, which can lead to a domino effect that may endanger operating forces inside and below grade. We will look at fires in private dwellings and commercial structures; the strategies and tactics are based on construction type along with occupancy type. The class will address some solutions to some training shortfalls with regard to communications at these operations.

MIchael Scotto, Lieutenant (ret) - FDNY\