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Dealing with Difficult People and Their Organizational Impacts

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop

This class focuses on managing complex and challenging personnel issues, improving interpersonal skills, and elevating your organization to become a winning team. Share in the journey of the instructor, who, as a new chief hired from the outside, quickly learned that his education and experience did not prepare him for the complex personnel issues he would face—"difficult people.” His story made headline news, and his life could have ended as he came face-to-face with a difficult employee. Learn the definition of a “difficult person” and how our generational differences (beliefs, work ethic, and so on) necessitate frequent adjusting to tune the elite team we need to become. You will learn how to resolve conflict and bad behavior through role-playing scenarios involving several typical personality types encountered inside the fire station.

Jerry Streich, CEO - Fire Chief/Emergency Manager (Ret.) - Andover, MN