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Engagement Strategies for Manikins

Tuesday, April 16
Precon Workshop
Educator (JEMS)

How do we deliver content in a manner that increases engagement, retention, and application? Why are we teaching 21st-century providers with 19th-century methodologies? It’s recert time again. Ugh. And the training officer has sent you videos to watch and take a quiz at the end to get your CME hours. Do the videos actually work? Maybe, maybe not. Or, better yet, you take a 24/48/72 hour refresher class where the instructor drones on for hours in front of a screen, death by PowerPoint. Good thing you have technology in your pocket so you can play Fortnite for hours with the droning instructor in the background. It’s the way we’ve always gotten CME, so why change it? Because it could be better. It’s called engagement. And there are a variety of methods to deliver content in the classroom or the training room, all of them better than PowerPoint. This presentation is an interactive, audience-based practice session on using different engagement strategies to help deliver information so that providers remain engaged. Because REAL learning doesn’t happen by PowerPoint.

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

Jennifer Stanislaw, West Salem High School Emergency Services Program Leader - West Salem High School Emergency Services Program