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Engine Company Operations: The Lost Art

Tuesday, April 16
Precon Workshop
Engine Company

The goal of this workshop is to enhance the students’ knowledge of engine operations, structural fire operations, fire service culture, and values and traditions and to become ambassadors of good firefighting. It will give students what they need to be more effective as engine company members, especially regarding structural fires. Students will review the values and traditions of firefighting, especially regarding engine operations, and the basics and principles and practices of the fire service because it is the basics of firefighting that determine how well a fire department performs on the fireground, especially when things get tough and complex. This workshop will look at the mission of the engine company, eight operating principles for engines, and 25 operating tips. Students will learn how to set up engines to be “war wagons” and how to build flexibility and capabilities into the engine company. Engine company staffing concerns and company concept will be discussed, along with how to increase fire power and overwhelming attack capabilities. We will look at developing fire attack plans and procedures to organize all fireground resources to be able to work together as a team. 

Jeff Shupe, Division Chief - North Myrtle Beach