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Enhancing Fire-Rescue and EMS Operations with SMART Systems

Friday, April 19
Classroom Session
Emerging Technologies

As a society, we face the sobering reality of more than 700,000 emergency 911 calls daily in the United States alone, resulting in the tragic loss of more than 7,000 lives, which rises to 150,000 globally. In light of these statistics, there's an urgent call for us to transition from traditional two-way voice, land mobile radio communications to a modern, SMART, visually-enhanced approach. Harnessing the power of SMART technologies, we have seen groundbreaking advancements in operational use cases in recent years. Cyber-physical systems, integral to this evolution, have the potential to deliver crucial, real-time information during emergency interventions, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of response efforts. In this course, participants will delve into a comprehensive overview of intelligent, practical solution sets specifically tailored for novice firefighters and seasoned officers. We'll explore how these advanced tools can revolutionize the services they provide to their communities. From digitally-enhanced, immersive education platforms to the application of virtual reality for studying live fire scenarios, ventilation, fuel packages, heat release rates, and survivability profiles, this course equips attendees with a solid understanding of the next-gen training methods. In addition, we'll delve into cutting-edge topics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, biotelemetry, building information modeling, digital terrain maps, smart city integration, the Internet of Things (IoT), mixed reality, and augmented reality. This multisensory fusion-focused course is meticulously designed with one overarching goal: to significantly enhance the lifesaving capabilities of first responders, thereby safeguarding the lives of both operators and the citizens they serve. By the end of this course, participants will be empowered with actionable insights to lead their departments into the future of fire and rescue.

Kirk McKinzie, Captain (Ret.) - Cosumnes FD