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Fighting Fires in Large Parking Garages

Friday, April 19
Classroom Session
Engine Company

Parking garages are common in many communities. New apartment complexes, multipurpose office buildings, and big venues are incorporated parking garages into their plans to maximize space. NFPA 1 Chapter 29 addresses protections requirements for new and existing parking garages, but what does this mean to the line firefighters, drivers, and officers? How do we treat this type of fire—such as a high-rise vehicle fire with possible flammable liquid spill? EVs now present an even bigger risk with charging stations and the intensity of the fire when they occur. The occupancy will dictate the protection system required. Dealing with protection systems and making a plan for the worst-case scenario are needed in this scenario. Are your high-rise procedures enough for this type of fire?

Mark Watters, Captain Training - Plantation Fire Department