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Fireground Communications and the NIOSH 5: Effective Strategies for Operational Success

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session
Strategy & Tactics

Having reliable communications on the fireground is critical to the safety of all firefighters and is listed as one of the “NIOSH 5” (the top 5 causal factors in LODD reports). Dependable communications start way before your shift starts. They begin with the fostering of relationships. This is especially true for officers and chief officers. Have you invested in your crew? Have you earned their trust? The daily deposits we make to build relationships will pay dividends on the emergency scene. This class will address all aspects of fireground communications--everything from knowing the capabilities and limitations of your department's radio system to understanding each person's role in achieving reliable fireground communications and getting dispatch involved in your training. This class will introduce skills that can immediately improve communications as well as provide a plan for developing and implementing a communications model for your department.

Jaime Reyes, Assistant Chief- Operations - Plano (TX) Fire-Rescue