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Fireground Pump Operations: Mastering The Role of the Pump Operator

Friday, April 19
Classroom Session
Engine Company

The pump operator may sometimes wear multiple hats (helmets) on an incident and serves as the connecting link in operations between the suppression decision making and the implementation of those decisions. The operator’s preparation for the job extends well beyond standing at the panel and balancing pressures. This class is designed to reach deep into the overall roles and responsibilities of a driver/operator. Preplanning, positioning, safety, pumping, equipment, the apparatus, water supplies, and adversity are just some aspects of the job that need more attention. Whether you are in a volunteer or career department, you may see the position of driver/ operator as a destination position. This class is designed to offer more information outside of certification material. 

This session is sponsored by:

Paul Watlington, Battalion Chief of Training - City of Burlington Fire Department