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Fireground Strategies: Strategic Decision Making

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop
Incident Command

This workshop will cover the decisions that need to be made regarding fire scene strategy determination based on the arrival and/or forecasted conditions. Strategy selection considerations, strategy modification cues, and offensive-to-defensive/defensive-to-offensive strategic transition will be a focus for discussion. Areas of focus will include below-grade fires, attached and closely spaced buildings, cockloft fires, exposure issues, large-area buildings, a transitional strategy as the initial fireground action, additional alarm considerations, the importance of standard operating procedures as the foundation of fireground control, and the importance of progress reports from all operational areas as the basis of ongoing review/evaluation/revision requirements. This is a must for the incident commander.

Anthony Avillo, Deputy Chief (ret.) / Deputy Fire Marshal - Director - North Hudson Regional (NJ) Fire & Rescue / Monmouth County (NJ) Fire Academy