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Fires in Mid-Rise Residential Buildings

Thursday, April 18
Classroom Session
Strategy & Tactics

This program is designed to examine the dynamics and complexities of today's contemporary residential, medium-to-large-density multidwelling mid-rise building. This type of building lends itself to specific unique operational challenges and concerns under fire conditions when occupied and during construction. A mid-rise fire will share many similarities and threats with a high-rise fire, especially fire extension and smoke propagation concerns. Problems include confusing floor layouts, long "maze-like" hallways, limited accessibility, life-hazard density, and lack of standpipes. This program will explore the technical and tactical aspects of the four- to seven-story multidwelling (residential) mid-rise fire, providing best practices and action-oriented tasks designed to influence decision-making priorities to safeguard building occupants and enhance fire suppression efforts within the confines of time and staffing absorption required to successfully bring the incident to a safe conclusion.

James "Jimmy" Davis, Captain - Chicago Fire Department