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"First-Due!" Residential Fire Concepts for the Engine, Truck and Chief

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session

This program discusses the mission-critical incident actions for engine, truck, and first-arriving chief officers at residential fires, highlighting the must-have roles and responsibilities for each and honing those elements that are imperative to employ an efficient and effective fire attack. Successful fire attack dictates a deliberate balance of coordination and communication between all members. This class discusses preincident readiness, radio reports, and tactical resource deployments for “both sides of the floor” and our incident commanders. While we all know that the application of water still extinguishes fire and searches still locate trapped civilians, the art and science behind "how, when, and why" to mount the attack is being questioned. The initial company-level actions can make or break the operation. Are you and your team best prepared to operate mentally, physically, and tactically in our residential environment? Don’t think so; know so.

Douglas Mitchell, Jr., Captain - Fire Department City of New York
Dan Shaw, Assistant Fire Chief of Operations - Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department