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Flashover Life and Death Decisions on the Fireground

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session
Health & Safety

Flashover can and will be devastating, causing injuries and deaths of firefighters. The devastating physical and mental scars left behind after a flashover occurs will last a lifetime. This class will discuss two case studies of incidents where flashover occurred. In one incident, a firefighter was severely burned while battling a private-dwelling fire. In the other incident, one firefighter was severely burned and his partner succumbed to his injuries while fighting a fire in a garden apartment. The class will provide and in depth look at both of the incidents, the firefighting operations at the incidents, and the outcomes. Learning objectives include the importance of size-up, communications, the early warning signs of flashover, ways to prevent flashover, building construction, rapid intervention teams, and the importance of wearing and maintaining personal protective equipment.

Bryan Winzer, Lieutenant - Fire Department City of New York