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Forget the Zebras … It's the HIPPOS That Kill

Thursday, April 18
Classroom Session
Cardiology & Resuscitation (JEMS)

In diagnostic medicine, there is a saying, “When you hear hoofbeats, don’t look for zebras,” meaning that diagnosis should begin with the simplest and most likely cause and then proceed in a methodical way. However, if you hear hoofbeats, that usually means something big and scary is coming, chasing the herd. This class will span the spectrum of several selected case-based studies to provide insight on how to manage patients with time-sensitive emergencies that kill if not recognized rapidly. It will cover cases in cardiology, pulmonary, metabolic, and more, emphasizing the key findings and pathophysiology that determine priority of care, along with the current treatment options for both the out-of-hospital provider and what we do in the ED.

WIll Ferguson MD, FAEMS, Medical Director - Birmingham Fire and Rescue