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Harassment, Discrimination, and Diversity: Challenges and Struggles in the Fire and EMS Service

Tuesday, April 16
Precon Workshop

Fire and EMS services are in the risk prevention and mitigation business designed to identify, prevent, and resolve situations that harm the general public we are bound to protect. Less attention is paid to internal risk management related to our firefighters, staff, and other internal issues that are important to a well-functioning and efficient fire department operation. 

This class focuses on the high-risk legal issues facing fire and EMS services and discusses the development and use of policies, ethical standards, and codes of conduct describing the factors of discrimination, diversity, and harassment including developing an inclusive workplace and other situations that find a fire department, firefighter, or staff facing litigation.

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

John Murphy, Deputy Fire Chief (Ret)/Attorney at Law - Eastside Fire & Rescue