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Help, This Job Is Killing Me!

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session

This class will focus on the stress and trauma faced by first responders and will give a strategy for how to recognize the dangers, prevent exposure, and handle the effects of the trauma. There will be open-ended discussion regarding Post Traumatic Stress and how to turn that into Post Traumatic Growth. There will be a brief overview of how to recognize the issues in ourselves and others and how to get the appropriate next level of help based on the need of the individual. Topics include components of a behavioral health program, components of training within the program, how to deal with family tragedy and loss, how to make a death notification, suicide awareness, how to take care of our retirees, preparing our officers to recognize post-traumatic stress, how to train our EAP and counselors in traumatic awareness for firefighters, how to collaborate in the behavioral health world, and how to develop a curriculum for behavioral health training for new firefighters and new recruits.

Jeremy Hurd, Battalion Chief - Palm Beach County Fire Rescue