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High Consequence Infectious Disease Workshop for EMS

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop

The target audience for this program is EMS personnel of all types/levels/certifications as well as any other clinical personnel who may be exposed to patients with high consequence communicable diseases. The course aims to increase awareness about the hierarchy of controls and standard and transmission-based infection control practices and teaches how to improve your ability to recognize and manage the threats of novel special pathogens like Mpox, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, Ebola Virus Disease, and bird flus. Students will become familiar with Identify, Isolate, and Inform and will consider strategies and operational challenges for transport and management of patients with high consequence infectious diseases. Then students will have a hands-on opportunity to compare and contrast attributes of personal protective ensembles and other safety equipment used by agencies prepared to transport these patients.

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

Alexander Isakov, Medical Director/Professor of Emergency Medicine - Sandy Springs Fire Department/Emory University School of Medicine