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Igniting Firefighter Retention and Recruitment

Tuesday, April 16
Precon Workshop

Are you tired of seeing the flame of passion dim among your firefighting team? Are you seeking innovative strategies to keep your firefighters engaged, motivated, and committed to their noble mission? Look no further! This workshop is designed to equip you with the knowledge to boost retention and create a dynamic team of volunteers. It is no secret that the volunteer fire service is experiencing its most significant challenge to date with volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention. With today’s era of competing demands for the volunteer/potential volunteer firefighter, the question becomes, “What strategies are volunteer fire departments using to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters successfully?” This workshop will offer participants research-based/proven strategies to reduce turnover and increase recruitment among all generations of volunteers. These strategies are not based on costly recruitment campaigns and incentives but on practical professional applications that can be easily deployed. It will help students draft a recruitment campaign and develop internal programs to increase retention rates.
 Students will leave with easy-to-implement strategies designed to fit their specific department needs.

Candice McDonald, Deputy CEO - Winona Fire Department