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Implementing Incident Command Training into Department Operations

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop
Incident Command

Today more than ever departments are becoming reliant on outside and online resources for company and chief officer training and development. The problem is that many of the same limitations--like the lack of available training personnel and time--that push us to seek outside help also prevent us from aligning the training our members receive with the way we actually do business. If the time is not invested to institutionalize the core principles and practices of the outside training into your organization, the members will fail to see connections and your organization will fail to see a return. This workshop will walk you through the experience from different organizations covering successes and failures of the selection, evaluation, and implementation of online incident command training programs including the transition process from one program to another. It discusses the pros and cons of online program content, the incorporation of training into labor contracts and promotional processes, and examples of customized tactical and strategic worksheets and department policy and procedure. Professional standards and expectations have never been higher, and most of our resources have never been more limited; we cannot afford to cut corners with the responsibility of incident command. Attend this workshop to help you and your department through efficiency and effectiveness, not shortcuts.

Brian Brush, Training Chief - Midwest City (OK) Fire Department