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Leadership and PTSD

Monday, April 15
Women In Fire

This training teaches first responder leaders how their leadership style before, during, and after potentially traumatic events (PTEs) influences if their subordinates develop PTSD, Delayed Healing, Recovery, or Resilience. It training looks at leaders leading away from PTSD and how leaders can equip subordinates with the "psychological body armor" of sufficient realistic training, social support, and empathic leadership style to help them appraise a PTE as a "challenge" rather than a "threat." Many first responders are introverts, and introvert leaders bring unique strengths to the table. Leaders learn to model coping flexibility after PTEs and be vulnerable with subordinates, empowering them to discuss and mentally process traumatic events, developing mental and physiological toughness to face future PTEs.

Jada Hudson, Counselor - Work with Chicago area Fire Departments