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Live Fire: Can Confidence--Searching for Life and Fire

Monday, April 15
HOT 4 Hour
Technical Rescue

This class is designed to build confidence in the most neglected tool found on nearly every fire apparatus, the 2½-gallon water extinguisher. The “can" can be an extremely effective lifesaving tool by allowing a well-trained firefighter to quickly apply water between fire and victims. This class covers valuable skills on searching and confining fire with the can and closing the interior door to isolate the fire, thus protecting the search. Attendees will also learn proper filling and pressurization steps and useful can modifications. Finally, attendees will witness the effect of the can on preflashover conditions, increasing firefighter safety. Let’s start the lifesaving extinguishment process by applying what could be the fire’s first interaction with water. 

PPE Required: NFPA-compliant structural firefighting pants, coat, hood, gloves, boots, and helmet. (SCBA and face piece will be provided.)

Eric Wheaton, Lieutenant - Winter Park Fire Department