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Live Fire: Flashover--Studying Modern Fire Behavior

Monday, April 15
HOT 4 Hour
Fire Behavior

This class offers firefighters the opportunity to observe fire behavior witnessing the signs and conditions that lead up to a flashover.  Instructors will demonstrate how fuel loads have changed fire ground strategy and tactics utilizing live fire in a Phase 1 training container.  Students will participate in a controlled environment while being instructed on the stages of fire development, flashover, and backdrafts. Lessons on the effects of ventilation, fire attack and safe fire ground operations will be conducted including discussions on near misses and LODD’s due to flashover.  Upon completion of the course students will be able to recognize the signs and conditions leading to flashover, understand mitigation tactics, when and when not to ventilate and methods to escape.

PPE Required: NFPA-compliant structural firefighting pants, coat, hood, gloves, boots, and helmet. (SCBA and face piece will be provided.)

Joseph Berchtold, Chief Teaneck NJ Fire Department - Township Of Teaneck Fire Department