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Live Fire: Operating in the Flow Path

Tuesday, April 16
HOT 8 Hour
Fire Behavior

East and West Coast live fire instructors team up to deliver both fire dynamics and tactics requiring a high level of performance under live fire conditions. Students will learn to recognize the characteristics and challenges with modern fire behavior and learn multiple tactics including the use of water and door control to protect both trapped occupants and firefighters. This will be accomplished through live fire behavior teaching stations followed up with live fire scenarios in which the students will perform aggressive interior attack, stretching and moving through the flow paths. Students will operate the nozzle using proven water flow, surface, and gas cooling methods as well as manage pinch points and flow path situational awareness. Students will also participate in victim removal and performance under VES conditions. This course provides the tools and skills to manage interior conditions that allow for aggressive action in both fire attack and search while managing the risks to the firefighters and increasing the survivability of the victims.

PPE Required: NFPA-compliant structural firefighting pants, coat, hood, gloves, boots, and helmet. (SCBA and face piece will be provided.)

Ryan Tripp, Fire Captain - LA County Fire Department