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Mastering Fireground Command - Calm the Chaos

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop
Incident Command

This workshop will go inside the command post with new footage and radio traffic of multiple incidents, including live rescues, fatalities, Maydays, and multi-building fires. Dialogue between the incident commander (IC) and other officers inside the incident command post (ICP) will be analyzed. Helmet camera footage is also used from the same incidents to link the ICP and company (stategic/tactcal/task levels). Situational awareness and true aggression from the IC down to the lowest senior firefighter on the fireground will be discussed. This workshop is charged full of new amazing ICP video, bone-chilling radio traffic, and behind-the-scenes lessons learned from fires and rescues in apartments, homes, and motels. It will focus on what went right for a change. 

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

Anthony Kastros, Battalion Chief (RET) - Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District