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Mobile Homes: Small House, Big Challenge

Wednesday, April 26
Manufactured housing accounts for about 10% of the new homes built each year. Learn what makes trailers different from 'regular' wood frame structures and how to safely operate within this challenging environment. Tactics for suppression and ventilation as well as strategies for operating in high-density mobile home communities are also presented. Although often overshadowed by larger residences, mobile homes are found in communities of all sizes. In fact, 24% of all mobile homes are located in cities with a population of more than 2,000,000. In rural areas with long response times, a trailer fire is often a defensive operation. However, in urban or suburban communities, interior fire attacks are feasible, especially in larger double- and triple-wide homes. In these structures, ultra-lightweight construction, tight hallways, and unusual floor plans all combine to make an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous environment for firefighters accustomed to operating in site-built houses.
Joseph Polenzani, Battalion Chief - Franklin (TN) Fire Department