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Performance Tactics for the Fireground: Psychology on the Training Ground

Friday, April 19
Classroom Session

En route, what is going through your mind? Are you focused and bringing your A game? When you see the flames, is your heart pounding? Are you calm and controlled on the radio, or can you do better? If you want to to prepare for your top performance at every fire, every interview, every meeting, then you will learn performance tactics for the fireground. We will profile examples of high-performance operators who have prepared their minds using neuroscience and cognitive behavioural techniques in fields of SWAT, special operators, aviation, and professional athletes. Learn how they prepare pregame, preflight, and prebreaching. We can apply the same tactics to manage our bodies’ ramp-up en route to the emergency, then how to reduce anxiety, heart rates, breathing, and unfocused neural activity. Perform like a tactical operator. 

Dave Gillespie, Chief Training Officer - Peterborough Fire Services