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Promoting and Developing a Training Culture

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session

A lack of or inadequate training is often listed as part of most near-miss and line-of-duty death reports. At the same time, the fire service has made strides in training, from regional training events, online content, web-based classes, and the longest-running training in the world with FDIC. There are still glaring holes in our overall training programs. This class presents means and methods to fill these holes at the company and even the department level. A key to any successful training program or session is developing a culture and desire to train, starting with consistency. While it's easy to say, "Every day is a training day," executing this concept is much more complex, requiring a plan and people willing to work. This program will start with examining the importance of training/education and finish with a simple system to build consistency within our training programs.

Todd Edwards, Owner and Lead Instructor (Fire Life Training) - Atlanta Fire-Rescue (Ret.)