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Rapid Intervention: A More Proactive Approach

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session
Rapid Intervention

Rapid intervention is a commonly assigned task at every fire incident. Some companies tend to view it as being  “out of the action” and unimportant, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is an integral part of the suppression effort at a fire and needs to be viewed as such. It's not just arriving on scene, doing a 360, and setting up in the front  yard waiting for a Mayday to be called. We can't just react; we need to be proactive: arrive on scene, do a full and in-depth walkaround of the structure, find obstacles that will hinder our access to and removal of a Mayday, soften the structure to aid access and removal, do an initial and ongoing RIT size-up, and know the latest tactic to find and remove a firefighter in distress. This class will help you make your next RIT assignment more proactive.

Art Bloomer, Fire Captain (Ret) / Past Chief (volunteer) - Kearny N.J. FD / Brick Township VFD Brick N.J.