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Rural Firefighter Operations: Training and Tactics for Fire Departments

Thursday, April 18
Classroom Session
Engine Company

Identify the training needs of your department by performing a gap analysis. Use this with the guidance of current best practices in the industry to formulate a one- to three-year training program that covers all the NFPA standards. This job performance-driven methodology is used as the foundation to incorporate sound training and techniques to accommodate every staffing and department model in the rural setting. This approach will ensure that the local fire department will walk away with a sound set of skills and templates to formulate a skill-based training program that drives a "best practice" manual that is in line with each standard operating procedure. Each student will leave the class with every tool they need to formulate a training program that meets the current NFPA 1002-2013 standard, develop a contextual training program, ensure realistic delivery methods, and yield a best practice manual to jumpstart their organization.

Seth Barker, Deputy Chief of Operations - Big Sky Fire Department