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School Bus Incidents: What You Need To Know

Tuesday, April 16
HOT Workshop

School buses are not constructed like regular vehicles. Rigorous safety requirements are in place to protect the nation’s children. These incidents often result in mass casualty, and not understanding the unique safety and construction features can hamper rescue efforts. This new class combines classroom instruction with hands-on participation and demonstration. The classroom portion will cover minor incidents through mass cassualty including school bus types, features, construction, extrication techniques, and managing the incident. Then it’s outside to the school buses, where students will see and have the opportunity to participate in extrication techniques and get hands on with the many unique bus features. 

PPE Requirements: Students who plan to participate in the hands-on portion will be required to have a jumpsuit or lightweight rescue gear, helmet, gloves, eye protection, and safety toe shoes. Structural PPE is not required but is acceptable. Students without PPE are welcome to observe the hands-on portions.  

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

Leigh Hollins, Battalion Chief (ret) - Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue