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Searchable vs. Survivable: Educated Decision Making

Thursday, April 27
On the fireground, time is not ours to waste! Our efforts should be directed to give us the greatest chance at rescuing our victims and doing so in the most efficient manner. This class will cover data gained from 2,000 rescue surveys and stress that time does matter when it comes to victims of fire. Emphasis will be placed on the search size-up, order of assignments, and being cognizant of our terminology. It is important that we use facts, not fear, to choose the appropriate course of action, putting our citizens first and increasing their survivability rate. ?In today's fire environment, we simply do not have much time; we must identify our searchable spaces immediately. To accomplish this, we must make educated decisions that support an aggressive search culture. Life is, and always will be, our number one priority. It should never be the mindset of 'what's good for us' but rather we must concentrate our efforts on what is best for the victims.'
Sean Duffy, Firefighter - Ann Arbor (MI) Fire Department