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Shock Delivered: Rethinking "Public Access Defibrillation" to Make Devices Publicly Accessible

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session
Cardiology & Resuscitation (JEMS)

Public Access Defibrillation programs have been used throughout the United States for more than two decades; however, in many cases devices are not truly accessible to the public when they are needed in an emergency. This class will use evidence to support the placement of AED units in outdoor spaces using systems that allow for 24 hour a day access to emergency equipment. Public access to defibrillation, which, when successfully implemented, nearly doubles the rate of survival when compared to waiting for EMS, needs an overhaul to ensure that AED units are available and ready for use in an emergency. Through interactive lecture, we will discuss the need for public hands-only CPR training and strategies for bringing public accessible AED units into open spaces so that they may be used to improve survival from cardiac arrest. Participants will be encouraged to share strategies that they have used in their own outdoor spaces, compare these with proven practices, and be an advocate to enact change at home.

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

Richard Shok, Firefighter / Paramedic - Read Mountain Fire Department