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Street Hydraulics

Thursday, April 18
Classroom Session
Engine Company

The fire service has experienced many changes in how we operate over the past 50 years; the transition from a throttle and relief valve setup, to a pressure governor on our engine companies was one of these changes. A paradigm shift is needed for an engineer to properly supply handlines on the fireground. We will go more in depth to explain some of the common mistakes made on the fireground and teach why this continues to happen. This class will explore the differences in process to properly supply and pressurize handlines on the fireground, the difference between pressure and volume in a two-stage pump, and identify nozzle reaction as an issue in some cases. Teaching our chauffeurs to understand how the pressure governor works through engine cues, relationship of gauges, identifying how much volume of water is available, and the difference between using tank water or a positive water source are all identified and explained. Learn to choose between the backstretch and inline pumping, depending on hydrant location and staffing and to choose the proper intake to leave the front of the building clear for aerial apparatus. 

Christopher Howard, Firefighter - FDNY