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The Art of Go/No-Go

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session
Strategy & Tactics

The toughest and most critical decisions you make in your career typically revolve around committing to an interior attack or choosing another route. Seasoned officers know the difference between "We can get it" and "It's lost." You should too. Using a simple framework that allows you to build on your experiences and those of others, you can develop an intuitive approach that grows with you throughout your career. This is not a magic class, and no one becomes a great decision maker by attending a few classes and watching a few videos. The goal is to create a framework of three varying profiles: Rescue, Building, and Fire. These profiles allow you to keep focused on your decisions and give you the ability to draw on what you’ve learned and react to changes in the dynamic fire environment.

Mike Gagliano, Captain - Seattle Fire Department (ret.)