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The Ins and Outs of Forcible Entry

Friday, April 19
Classroom Session
Truck Company

Forcible entry is one of the most common jobs for a truck company. Every day, firefighters go to jobs with the first priority being to gain access. Many fire departments fail during recruit school to adequately prepare their firefighters when it comes to forcible entry. It is essential that truck company firefighters, as well as engine company firefighters in many departments, be proficient at forcible entry. Delayed forcible entry causes many problems including our two most important priorities: water on the seat of the fire and search. This class will cover the history of the halligan and where our present day halligans have come from, comparison of different brands of halligans, mechanical advantages, striking tips and body positioning, inward and outward swinging doors, drop bars, basic thru the lock techniques and uses, saw work, the 10% Search, and door size-up.  

Clay Magee, Lieutenant - Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service