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The Northeast Two and a Half: Operations for Fire on All Floors

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session
Fire Behavior

The northeast area of the United States is still heavily saturated with balloon-frame and post and beam construction. These “old” methods of construction provide multiple areas and avenues for fire spread. Like the name of the program suggests, many of these buildings are large two-story buildings with peaked roofs; the top floor is storage or living space. Sometimes the fire is just in one room, but sometimes the fire is from the basement to the roof. This program will discuss fires in these types of structures in terms of building construction and floor plan layout, unique hazards, line placement, and search priorities. There are many factors that will affect your fireground tactics—front stairs as opposed to rear? Which front door? Is it in the attic, the basement, or both? What handlines and hand tools? By attending this class, you will gain a strong understanding of these buildings, how to read them, and how to fight fires in them.

Josh Miller, Firefighter - New Haven Fire Department