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The Tactical Firefighter

Tuesday, April 16
Precon Workshop

The fire service is a dynamic industry that is constantly changing on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. If we were to look back over the last five, ten, fifteen years, we would be able to see some significant changes that have occurred and have affected our way of operating. As a result of these constant changes, the fire service and the firefighter need to be able to adapt to the current climate and situations that are being thrown at them and be able to overcome the challenges. This class will highlight the key areas that will assist a firefighter to be both effective and efficient on the fire ground. From the down time in the station to the dynamic fire ground, the tactical firefighter needs to be in a readied state and have all of their equipment combat ready for the call. A Firefighter needs to be a 24/7 combat ready person who is constantly and consistently self-improving – a person who is mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared, can adapt as needed, is situationally aware, lends into the positive culture of the department, and who is not afraid or shy to step up and get the job done; no matter how mundane or lowly the task is, and when it comes time to go to work, they are the first ones to start and will pour sweat, blood and tears into getting the job done! From this, they are both Effective and Efficient with their actions.

Mark van der Feyst, Battalion Chief - Six Nations Fire & Emergency Services