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The Volunteer and On-Call Fireground: Reducing and Managing Risks

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop

Managing risk in the volunteer fire service is one of the most important yet frequently ignored fireground management skills. It is further compounded by a lack of understanding and a lack of training as to why we need it, how it works, and how to use it. How often have we seen firefighters taking risks that are not necessary? Yes, firefighting is a risky and dangerous job, but it should be a calculated risk! Volunteers  put a lot on the line every time they respond. This class will discuss what risk is today. Students will be challenged to accept that the risks have never been higher and that we are being injured or dying every year. The focus will be on what risk is and means to us, how to identify the risks we face, and how to reduce or eliminate the risk to firefighters on the fireground or emergency scene.  Learn specific actions volunteers must take to reduce and manage the risks we are exposed to in a manner that is easy to understand and use. Discussed are having a competent incident safety officer, rapid intervention team, and quality ongoing training as methods of risk management. 

Joe Nedder, Deputy Chief of Training - Mendon (MA) Fire Department