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There Is No Such Thing as a Routine House Fire

Wednesday, April 17
Classroom Session
Strategy & Tactics

Private-dwelling fires are the most common structure fire in the United States and Canada. About  75% of fire deaths occur in residential dwellings, and about 2,400 civilians die in these structures every year. Odds are most of your structure fires are in private dwellings. Just because it’s the most common fire you go to, it doesn’t mean that you let your guard down; a significant number of our firefighter injuries and deaths occur here. This class will explore command, fire attack, ventilation, and search in private-dwelling fires, coordinating all fireground tactics with your staffing. We will also briefly cover current scientific studies and how they may or may not relate to your tactics. Lessons learned here can also be applied to other types of structure fires. 

Jim Duffy, Battalion Chief / Shift Commander - Wallingford CT