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Truck Essentials for Effective and Efficient Outcomes

Tuesday, April 16
HOT 8 Hour
Truck Company

This class is structured to provide students with street-smart tactics employed daily by experienced firefighters that go beyond the basic fire academy curriculum to improve outcomes at the next job. Students will rotate through skill sets critical to supporting the fireground. At the Forcible Entry station, each student will be shown and practice techniques that improve efficiency when forcing inward- and outward-opening doors including a bar to bar approach, taking down padlocks, cutting simulated window bars, overhead doors, and perimeter security. In the Ladders station, students will learn portable ladder operations that include leg lock maneuvers, carrying and throwing techniques, above grade horizontal ventilation considerations, restricted footprint placement, methods for overcoming obstacles, how to perform live victim simulated rescues, and unconscious victim removals. The Ventilation station will focus on central ideology concerning where and when to open up, allowing students to perform horizontal and vertical ventilation on acquired structures or roof props for both flat and pitch roofs using saws and hand tools. At the Search station, students will execute a methodical traditional search structured with accountability that allows the crew to spread out to cover the entire footprint in a timely manner. Additionally, a targeted VES will be completed along with instruction on how to maneuver and extract victims. 

PPE Required: Structural firefighting pants, coat, boots, gloves, helmet, and eye protection.

Samuel Hittle, Captain - Wichita Fire