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SCBA Fit Testing

If you are in an IDLH class, an email will be sent to you for SCBA Fit Testing scheduling, which will happen on Sunday, April 23, 2023, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

Classes that require SCBA Fit Testing

  • Fire Tactics for Limited Staffing Live Fire!
  • Flashover and Modern Fire Behavior Training Live Fire!
  • Critical Actions for First-Arriving Crews Live Fire!
  • Operate in the Flowpath by Flowing and Going Live Fire!
  • RIT Under FIRE Live Fire!
  • The Intelligently Aggressive Search Live Fire!
  • Vent-Enter-Search Down and Dirty Live Fire!

Note: Fit testing is encouraged. Fit testing will be conducted on Sunday, April 23, 3-7 pm, in the Convention Center, Room 111-112. You will receive a wristband on completion to bring to your HOT class. If you cannot make fit testing, you can fill out an OSHA questionnaire form given to you on the bus on the way to your HOT site.