What is FDIC International?

FDIC International offers 35,000+ Fire & Rescue professionals from 67+ countries around the world, quality world-class instructors, classrooms, workshops, H.O.T evolutions and the most innovative products and services available to the industry displayed by over 800 exhibiting companies. The FDIC Experience is more than your traditional trade show it’s about the learning and sharing with your peers formally and informally through hallway conversations, developing life-long friendships, and recharging your passion for the industry. Simply, there is no other event like FDIC International and to experience it, you’ll simply have to attend.

Who Attends

FDIC International is open to all qualified industry professionals looking for the most comprehensive selection of Fire & Rescue products and services.

Most of our attendees fit into the following categories:

  • Administrative Chiefs
  • Apparatus and Equipment Specialists
  • Career & Volunteer Firefighters
  • Community
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Company Officers
  • EMTs & Paramedics
  • Fire Academy and Fire Science Students
  • Fire Chiefs
  • Fire Inspectors
  • Fire Instructors
  • Fire Marshals
  • HazMat Technicians
  • Line Chiefs
  • Training Officers
  • And more

What Will Your Experience Include?

Hands-On Training

The Hands-On Training (H.O.T.) Evolutions at FDIC International are something you must experience to fully appreciate. Hands-On Training Evolutions cover the latest technology and techniques in the fire service, instructed by industry icons. No other event in the world contains the vast amount of topics and locations presented at FDIC International. 

Innovative Products and Services

Our exhibitors represent a diverse range of categories, so you can see NEW, INNOVATIVE, and TRENDING products to fill your needs. Some of the product categories include:

  • Apparatus and Apparatus Accessories
  • Badges
  • Emblems and Accessories
  • Communications, Radios and Dispatch Equipment
  • EMS Equipment and Supplies
  • Fans, Portable Generators and Accessories
  • Hand Tools and Forcible Entry
  • HazMat Products
  • Monitors and Detectors
  • Protective Clothing (PPE) and Apparel
  • Ropes
  • Chains
  • Safety Belts and Accessories
  • Sirens
  • Alarms and Signaling Devices
  • And Many More!