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The EMS Evolutions Lab is an activation within the immersive Lucas Oil Stadium (LOS) Experience and is home to scenario-based EMS training, simulations, and competition.



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Thursday, April 18 — Saturday, April 20

Presented by Binder Lift LLC: An EMS Provider's Guide to a Long and Healthy Career

In the good old days, Emergency Care Providers were like superheroes, using nothing more than a bedsheet cape and their cleverness to lift, carry, transfer, and restrain patients. While it may have done the trick, it unfortunately resulted in patient handling being the most common cause of injury according to the CDC and NIOSH. With the nationwide EMS labor shortage and 48% of providers suffering from chronic back pain, preventing the leading causes of injury and retaining valuable personnel is more crucial than ever.

This class will identify three systemic mistakes that are the underlying causes of patient handling related pain and injury suffered by too many providers. Participants of the course will learn three scientifically proven techniques that will keep them injury-free and support long, thriving careers as superheroes.

Presented by SAM Medical: Trauma Skills Lab - IO, Thoracostomy, Stop the Bleed

This interactive, syndrome specific discussion will focus on:

Intraosseous (IO) catheter insertion, thoracostomy landmarking, and Stop the Bleed skills content will be reviewed.  Proper and effective IO placement in all age of patients at various approved location sites can be challenging without accurate anatomical location knowledge and clinical skill. 

Similarly, anatomical knowledge is required for accurate thoracostomy placement and effective relief of a tension pneumothorax in the chest injury patient regardless of root cause; traumatic injury or medical complication.

The Department of Defenses’ “STOP the BLEED” training program has a well-defined series of objectives focusing on lay public and professional responders alike being able to provide onsite care during an event where life threatening bleeding takes place.

Current evidence-based information will be disseminated for all three procedures. Participants will be provided the opportunity to perform each of these lifesaving-based skills on simulation tools including mannequins, bleeding simulation devices, and wound packing aids.


  •    Intraosseous (IO) Catheter Insertion
    • Describe the FDA approved landmark sites for adult and pediatric Intrarosseous (IO) insertions
    • Illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of each insertion site
    • Practice the application of manual IO insertion without any mechanical aid
  • Thoracostomy Landmarking
    • Cite the primary causes when a thoracostomy is required in patient care
    • Dramatize at least two different methods of identifying the proper lateral landmarks for thoracostomy placement
    • Have the participants indicate where they would place a later thoracostomy insertion device
  • Stop the Bleed
    • Communicate the need for ALL "initially there" responders to know how to start patient care when a life threat occurs
    • Identify two or more recent events where initial responders enhanced the expertise of Medical Responders
    • Practice the application of bleeding control procedures which nearly any person can provide in medically critical and life-threatening occurrences

Presented by XMetix: Trauma Management

Limb injuries are too common and pose a significant threat to life and well-being, particularly in military and civilian settings. In fact, they account for a staggering 70% of all injuries in conflicts. XMetix has taken it to the next level with its smart tourniquet, aiming to, significantly increase the tourniquet success rate, even by untrained users. Most deaths in car accidents and combat zones resulted from loss of blood. Applying tourniquets on bleeding wounds is critical to save life.

TAK 710 by XMetix, is the ONLY automatic adjustable tourniquet.  It is VERY fast and easy to operate. Hands free operated (using one hand only) by push button and enables simultaneous treatment on multiple patients, quickly and efficiently. It is a three-simple operation tourniquet: wrap the limb with the stripe, release the seal, press the button. TAK 710 will tighten the stripe automatically most firmly around the limb to a complete stop of the bleeding.

*Used by IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) 

Presented by Indianapolis EMS: Stop by for 8 hands on skill stations for individual evaluation and practice and feel free to discuss career opportunities as well!

Indianapolis EMS will be training on the following areas where attendees can earn 1 Hour CEU for completion of all stations (Both ALS and BLS):

  • Airway Station:
    • Pediatric and Adult Advanced Airways - Both Visualized and Non-Visualized
    • ETCO2 Review
  • Trauma Station:
    • Burn Assessment and Treatment
    • Multi-System Trauma
  • Cardiac Station:
    • ECG Rhythm Strip Review
    • Simulated Mini Cardiac Arrest
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Support Station:
    • Field Blood Administration
    • Remote Patient Assessment
  • Recruiting:
    • We will have staff on site to discuss career opportunities with Indianapolis EMS.


1:00 PM
    Lucas Oil Stadium, EMS Evolutions Lab, Stage -
    The top 3 teams will participate in fast-paced, high-energy scenario that requires you to think on your feet like you would during the first 10 minutes of a real incident. An emergency event is inhere ...
9:00 AM
    Lucas Oil Stadium, EMS Evolutions Lab, Stage -
10:00 AM
    Lucas Oil Stadium, EMS Evolutions Lab, Stage -
11:00 AM
    Lucas Oil Stadium, EMS Evolutions Lab, Stage -
9:30 AM
    Lucas Oil Stadium, EMS Evolutions Lab, Stage -